Thursday, October 27, 2022

Six wonderful artists shared their theories in JOKAklubi's THE THEORY SHOW October 22nd 2022 at ASC Gallery in London.

 Language is also a place of Struggle by Chrissie Tiller


Considering the Contemporary Art Criticism of an Ancient Queen by Adrian Lee

ZYGOTE by Embodyment student of second year Sharon Kivi / Niina Hosiasluoma

Amnion by Lynn Lu

The fulfillment theory by Tellervo Kalleinen (JOKAklubi)

The Nodding Theory by Dave Sherry

Self Portrait as an Artist by Harriet Hill

The SYNTHESIS of all the theories by JOKAklubi

 Thank you  Darren O'Brien for hosting & spporting us and  for Timothy Haccius for  taking photos during the show!

Sunday, October 16, 2022

JOKAklubi: The Theory Show

22nd October 2022 4pm --->

@ ASC Gallery, The Chaplin Centre, Taplow House, London
Free entry

JOKAklubi has invited London based artists to share their theories about anything: Surprising ambiences, perspectives and approaches are created as the performers step into the absurd stage of JOKAklubi.

The performance is part of the “We Were Made in the Dark” -exhibition by Niina Lehtonen Braun, JOKAklubi, Adam Hennessey, Harriet Hill and Laura Wormell. Curated by Darren O`Brien (21st October-4th November 2022). Welcome to the exhibition opening Friday 21st Oct. 6-9pm

With brilliant Guest Stars in order of appearance:

Chrissie Tiller


Tuesday, October 4, 2022

 JOKAklubi installation and performance in London in October 2022!!

JOKAklubi is part of the “We Were Made in the Dark” -exhibition by Niina Lehtonen Braun, Adam Hennessey, Harriet Hill and Laura Wormell. Curated by Darren O`Brien. The exhibition is a project between HilbertRaum (Berlin) and ASC Gallery. The collaborative project titled “asc hilbert” looks to connect and exhibit artists affiliated with both organisations creating authentic links and threads and new potentials in both venues. Welcome to the exhibition opening Friday 21st Oct. 6-9pm.

Monday, September 5, 2022

JOKAklubis audio works "I Shouldn't Have Said" 2020 & "I Can't Forget When You Said" 2021 in cooperation with Liz Nurenbergs Sculpture at CRACK UP exhibition  July 2022 at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles in the fabulous Bendix Building.

Artists included: Carl Baratta, Niina Lehtonen Braun, Eli Cornejo, Mathias Deutsch, JOKAklubi, Liz Nurenberg, Jackie Rhines, Eva Schwab, Katya Usvitzky, Daniel Wiesenfeld and Clemens Wilhelm.

Organized by Daniel Wiesenfeld and Eva Schwab. Thank you all!



Friday, September 2, 2022

JOKAklubi's The Theory Show vol 2,  June 2022 in Berlin.
Thank you all the wild, open, brave, shy, curious and beautiful people who came as performers or audience members. We had a very special evening with you. Thank you for our favourite berliner club: WestGermany for hosting us again.

Thank you Manfred Peckl for the No Theory of Nothing! 

Thank you Caspar Stracke for presenting us the theory Propagation of Uncertainty or Towards a Theory of Everything!! 
Thank you Walrus Vampire for the Advanced music theory!!!

Thank you Wo Gwinner for the O0o -theory!!!!  

Thank you Roland Rauschmeier for the theory "Theory is language in French"!

Thank you Khan of Finland for the The YES/NO Theory!!!!! 
Outi Vuoriranta had a busy evening as a co-lecturer of the advanced music theory, as a Notizen Rührgerät and as a singer of Olento Orchestral— thank you dear!

And last but not least: The marvelous bands of the Theory Show evening with
The Spermbankers
from Prague and Olento Orchestral from Helsinki!!!

JOKAklubi says huge thanks to everyone who joined our Theory Show -as audience, Theorist, musician or sound person, documentarist or roudari. What a Heart warming community you are and such a faithful audience.

photos by Clemens Wilhelm, Ilkka Sariola and friends.