Wednesday, March 16, 2011


12th March 2011, spaceship JOKAklubi landed in FLUC, Vienna, and uncovered the OFF_ART talents of the fine city of schnitzels and psychotherapy...

Frühlings erwachen by Mimosa Pale:

Joonas Lahtinen with his performance "3,67 m" :

Complaints Choir Vienna:

Christian & Hegwart & Freund:

Stefanie Sourial:

Böse Tante:

Miss Universe:

Kekkonen & Lettuce Head with simultaneous interpreter:

Majestic White Horse from the Spanish Riding School, Vienna:

POlka LOve MAchine:

The Off Art Accumalator got broken and we had to pour Off Art Energy fluid into the spare part used by Mimosa.
Audience was invited to come to taste it...

The evening continued with the fabulous LÄSKI and DJ Kalervo Salsa

Flyer of the week in the "Falter":

photos: Sonia Leimer & Niina Lehtonen Braun

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